International Women's Day

International Women's Day 👩🏻‍   (International Women's Day) is coming, if you know the meaning behind this festival, you must pay attention to this day🌹.

🌟In order to welcome this special annual festival, KR🌱 has launched a special offer for women on March 8th. For purchases made on KR website/Facebook on or before March 8, each order can be instantly discounted 🔥$38‼ ️

In addition, KR🌱 to show respect and love for the ladies ❤️, after shopping, post personal and product photos on Facebook / IG, hashtag back to #KR #Loveyourself #IWD three hashtags, you can get a free gift of New Zealand One piece of natural handmade soap‼ ️

**Enter "IWD" at checkout to get the discount automatically.

Would you give a little gift 🎁 to yourself or the hardworking women around you? 😊

KR 🌱 wish world peace 🕊