About KR

KR's Story

In 2022, KR Kara Kira Company Limited was officially established in Hong Kong.  KR is the name of the two founders Karen & Rita, and Kara means purity in Greek; Kira means light in Hindi.  KR believes that even the purest products allow everyone to shine in their unique way.  Do you believe it too?


KR's Brand Principles

Our guiding philosophy is nature to nurture, so we would like to share our knowledge about the power of botanicals and how we can instill wellness as part of the daily skincare ritual. 

We would like to share the healthy and clean lifestyle and culture we love to live and inspire others to use natural products. 

KR... the purest sharing...

Sharing with Us....

KR's Goal

One's life, to live comfortably.

Karen & Rita also aspires to a life of "Pure and freedom", and integrates this attitude into the brand concept, hoping that customers will feel more comfortable after using the products.

Pure ~ Natural and pure, reducing additives, regenerating our skin, and exuding radiance.

Comfortable ~ Enjoy the fun of makeup with peace of mind, natural makeup, and also a unique personality.